Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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Waukegan Steel strives to make informed design decisions so we can build efficently and effectively, with cost savings and “ease of doing business” at the top of the priority list. This is exactly why we utilize Building information modeling (BIM) – a process which generates and manages digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of buildings before the ground is broken.

Complex Spatial Geometry. The experience before the experience.

Waukegan Steel’s use of BIM has transformed the way our projects are designed, engineered, built, and managed—delivering greater ROI for ventures of all sizes. We believe that Building Information Modeling can deliver profound business benefits from designing a private residence to remodeling the infrastructure of an entire community.

In essence, Building Information Technology is a form of digital fabrication. The power of visualization, coordination, simulation, and optimization from 3D, 4D, and BIM computer technologies allows Waukegan Steel to more effectively meet customer, design, construction, and project requirements. Especially when time is of the essence. We are committed to strategic perfection.

What does BIM Accelerate?

• Design
• Steel Detailing
• Steel Fabrication
• Steel Construction

Accuracy Meets Expediency.

With BIM, we are able to move from estimate to fabrication in a few computer strokes, which provides our customers with compelling time-savings, which equals significant monetary savings.

BIM decreases the time between design, engineering, and construction, while increasing the insight, control, and costs through every phase of production. At Waukegan Steel, we believe that unless we have 100% customer satisfaction, we must improve; and using BIM technologies has ensured our project success on too many endeavors to count. Therefore, we will continue to acquire the most profitable technological knowledge possible and in turn, apply it to every project.