About Us

Known for working on some of the most high profile projects in the Chicago area, such as the renovation and expansion of Soldier Field, the Museum of Contemporary Art, University of Illinois at Chicago and some of the elevated train stations for the Chicago Transit Authority, Waukegan Steel continues to thrive as one of the most sought-after steel fabricators in the area.

Waukegan Steel handles any project – heavy or light – and  continues to set the bar higher every opportunity they get.

Waukegan Steel was founded in 1929, as Ferro Steel. In it’s first year, 10 tons of steel were fabricated and shipped, which hinted towards the bright future the company enjoys today.  In 2008, over 4,800 tons of steel were shipped and annual sales topped $30 million. More recently in 2012, Waukegan Steel was purchased by National Material Limited Partnership and is poised to stand strong in it’s position as one of the leading steel fabricators.
A certified fabricator of the American Institute for Steel Construction and member of The Central Fabricator Association, Waukegan Steel is reviewed every year in order to maintain the highest standards. They also possess the capability and certification to take on complex structures.The primary market for Waukegan Steel is the metropolitan Chicago area.  Their track record is wide and varied ranging from multi-million dollar commercial projects to simple projects like railings or beams for a single family home. Located in Waukegan, Illinois, the company operates an 85,000 square foot production facility. Waukegan Steel has handles any project – heavy or light – and continues to set the bar higher every opportunity they get.